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"I know that my lips are out of practice,
But let me kiss you until my mouth remembers all that my head did forget.
Let me kiss you until my lips fall off,
I want them to graze every inch of you
Memorize every bit of your skin
From the little freckles that dot your nose and cheeks
To the way your arms wrap around me like vines.
When August ends I always feel the warmth leave my bones,
You leave me feeling like bonfires in mid-autumn,
You make me burn
In all the right ways.
I can’t think straight when you smile and that laugh,
Oh god, that laugh is so dangerous to my heart
I need to put my palms to my chest to make sure the beating hasn’t stopped.
Forgive me for flinching when you ran your fingers
Over where my side meets my hips,
I have not been touched so lovingly in years.
But I promise that I do love the feel of you against my skin,
I’m not shivering out of fear,
I shake to let you in."


Relearning How To Ride A Bicycle” - Nishat Ahmed

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Pawel Uniatowicz


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By: Denis Krivoy


Stars by Adam Marshall
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I was planning on uploading some of the shots I got from the woods today, but I’m too tired to make the most of them, so figured i’d share some stars! 

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By: Denis Krivoy

Milky Way VI ➾ Jayme Gordon


Daydream nation (2010)

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Soft by cup-of-teal